Sunday, August 06, 2006

Novo Nordisk sues Pfizer claiming patent infringement

Nova Nordisk suit seeks unspecified damages and a preliminary injunction to keep Pfizer from marketing Exubera.

The Times reports:

Although Pfizer would not comment on the potential market for inhaled insulin, on its Web site Pfizer states, "Exubera inhalation powder is the first diabetes treatment that you can inhale," and hails the treatment as a breakthrough for diabetics.

Novo Nordisk has built its reputation over the years in large part on its treatment and research concerning diabetes. The lawsuit essentially claims Pfizer's Exubera capitalizes on what Novo Nordisk cites as its own research.

"They're using the means that we discovered of getting insulin into the bloodstream in the right dose," Shehan said. "The patent covers things such as the aerosol particle size and the flow rate, which were breakthroughs in allowing people to know how to inhale insulin."
Read the complete article at NJ.Com linked here.

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