Saturday, August 12, 2006

Just One Thing - A good read

John Mauldin, author of Bull’s Eye Investing, asked 12 of the “world’s best investors” to each share the one best strategy they would like to pass to their own kids. Just One Thing is the collection and is a treasure trove of keen insight – most of which is easily readable. Admittedly, I floundered in a couple chapters filled with statistics, charts and graphs that simply did not float my boat.

I recommend you add Just One Thing to your personal library. It will remind the investor “long in tooth” of truths forgotten and the less experienced may be spared years of costly errors.

Finally, Just One Thing is more than a book about investing; it is a book about life. From Michael Masterson, of Early to Rise, an e-newsletter with 400,000 readers . . .

In every relationship you get into – every business, social, or personal transaction – make sure that the other person get as much benefit from it as you do. When considering your own advantages and disadvantages in taking any course of action, consider those of everyone else involved.
You aren't taking it with you.

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