Thursday, August 31, 2006

Is Rambus Inc. a better buy today or three weeks ago?

Media reporting the Honorable Judge Whyte's stay of Phase III a victory for Rambus Inc. Seriously now . . .

Hopes, dreams and prayers of global settlements. Never say never . . .

The big hammer of the AT trial looming only a couple years away. . . do you think the internal audit will be completed before then?

Speculation of accumulation by "deep deep pockets" verified - NOT.

The "internal investigation" completed and reported - NOT.

HH has apologized to shareholders for his infamous "buy Coke" and promised to be a better leader - NOT.

The FTC has decided that Rambus is entitled to at least IFX royalty rates - NOT.

The FTC has promised to leave DDRII alone - NOT.

Judge Payne has retired - NOT.

Must have been over sold, because the picture doesn't appear any brighter to this LTL Donkey.

Hat tip to PatheticGeekStories for the photograph.

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Anonymous said...

While your kool ade (no TM) is brewing, you can continue your remedial reading.

Pages 39 through 41

" Electrical Interface--Input/Output Circuitry "

Paragraph 6 of the section referencing Figure 11 of the drawings.

Blueberry is better.

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