Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Did Rambus "misdating" options sink Alien Technology IPO?

Lauren Rae Silva reporting for (Emphasis added)

But sources say the clincher was investor unease about the company's CFO Robert Eulau, who came to Alien Tech this past spring from Rambus (RMBS - commentary - Cramer's Take), a company that's caught up in the options-backdating scandal.


As with every IPO, Alien had a dense "Risk Factors" section in its prospectus in which the company outlined, among other things, the risk of Eulau's employment at the firm. As part of the management team, Eulau was a recipient of many option grants. In the risks section, it noted that Eulau has been named as a defendant "in multiple shareholder derivative actions ... relating to Rambus's stock option practices." The prospectus went on to warn that "Eulau could cease to serve as our chief financial officer if he becomes subject to an order preventing him from serving as an officer of a public company.''

Bob, Bob, Bob . . .

Hat tip FinzToRite for the link.

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Anonymous said...

The board of directors at Alien should fire Stav, and Bob....

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