Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rambus Inc. shuffles the deck

Today (7/27/06) Rambus announced that John Danforth will step away from his positions as, senior vice president, secretary and general counsel. Mr. Danforth will remain with Rambus, serving the company as senior legal advisor for litigation matters.

During Mr. Danforth's tenure, Rambus has vigorously sought to protect its intellectual property, accepting a remittitur of $133,600,000 in an infringement suit against Hynix (phase III of the trial scheduled to commence August 21, 2006), obtaining a favorable initial decision from the Federal Trade Commission (on appeal by complaint counsel) and escaping the court of Judge Payne with a settlement with Infineon. A plethora of litigation continues and will remain under Mr. Danforth's watchful eye.

Mr. Danforth's service has not been without its critics. Some armchair lawyers questioned Rambus settling with Infineon rather than appealing Judge Payne's perceived erroneous decisions. Any Donkey believes the settlement, while not particularly profitable on the short term, was brilliant in its result - it commenced the legal neutering of Judge Payne.

More recently, Rambus "discovered" that it had passed out backdated options. Any Donkey withholds judgment pending the conclusion of the investigation and the response of Rambus to correct its errors.

Rambus announced that Robert Kramer, deputy general counsel, will serve as acting general counsel until the general counsel role is filled.

Hat tip to Mr. Danforth for his service to Rambus. Thankfully, his expertise remains in-house.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better Mr. Donkey..........good that he is 'in house'...While I may be one of a few and ("frankly my darling, I don't give a damn") I am not sure but what HH, and a lot of that crew aren't just - cleaning house.

Good to see you back. You were mist.......
Barbara Ann

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