Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mercury Computer Systems Inc. wants to convert stock options for restricted stock

Shareholders are being asked to approve a proposed exchange of outstanding stock options having exercise prices greater than $23 per share for a lesser number of shares of restricted stock in accordance with a 4-to-1 exchange ratio and a related amendment to our 2005 Stock Incentive Plan to allow this exchange.

The proposal, if approved, is intended to " restore for eligible associates an incentive to remain with us and contribute to the future growth and success of our business, while at the same time reducing the significant equity award “overhang” represented by outstanding options that have high exercise prices and are no longer effective as performance and retention incentives."

Mercury shares closed today (7/26/06) at $14.03.

Mercury has available a 1U Dual Cell-Based Server which features:

2 Cell BE processors at 3.2 GHz
410 GFLOPS total on the server
2 PCI Express™ x4 channels
2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
32-bit/33 MHz PCI bus interface
2 optional low-profile daughtercards
Mercury MultiCore Plus™ Advantage software available

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