Monday, July 31, 2006

IHUD upgrading site

Investors Hub posts:

We know the site has been performing very poorly the last week or so and many of you are frustrated.
What's cause?
We experienced 30-40% growth literally overnight when some competing sites made some changes to the way their sites work.
A year ago, AOL decided to revise its boards . . . FEMA could have responded with better results. Yahoo!, not to be out done, revised its boards a few weeks ago with maybe even less stellar results.

IHUB has a plan . . . new equipment has been ordered.

Until that equipment is delivered and installed (we'll keep the Q&A board updated - #board-504 ), you will likely continue to experience times of slowness and sometimes errors; and some features lagging behind (like the full-text search) or disabled.

We apologize for this, but we've reacted as fast as we possibly could to all this new traffic.

Thanks for hanging in there with us and making iHub the vast, intelligent community it is's only going to get better.
Hat tip to IHUB, a valuable member of the Rambus community.

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