Saturday, July 29, 2006

Donkey's mailbag

Any Donkey,
I don't understand the comment on your executive team post. It's Cyrillic alpha links!

The comment makes no sense to me either. Perhaps, the comment makes unflattering statements about Any Donkey? Comment deleted. Thanks for the heads up.


Since you were the one screaming about this options mess for many months I wanted to ask your opinion on whether this company is going to be around a year from now. With the news of Brocade execs being indicted I am very worried.

Do you think Rambus is in the same category as Brocade with respect to the level of wrongdoing?

Screaming? Not sure if that is a compliment or not . . .

I expect Rambus to be around with a share price in excess of the current 52-week high. There, it is of record.

The share price driven by Hynix SDRAM & DDR I under injunction or licensed at 1.00% & 4.50% respectively.

No changes in Rambus officers. The officers and directors to have their options re-dated, re-struck or otherwise adjusted. Rambus employees, previously granted options to be unchanged.

Maybe not concluded within a year, Rambus Directors & Officers insurance carrier to absorb - not without "screaming" - a major hit for professional fees in the form of accounting and lawyers and "shareholder" suits.

No jail time for Rambus employed.

We'll check back in a year . . . thanks for reading.

Do your own due diligence. Treowth is for entertainment purposes only. Any Donkey doesn't own any Rambus employee options, backdated or otherwise.

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