Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Yahoo! post of the week

The Ramboids are growing increasingly frustrated and HH and his crew remain under the cone of silence. Why, pray tell?

Interesting by: rambus_rolls_again
06/21/06 07:39 amMsg: 1019483 of 1019484

I guess all it takes is an options scandal to "magically" put a halt to the incessant insider selling at Rambus that fueled the "Get Rich At The Shareholders Expense" plan.

As an aside, I wonder if they have a patent on that plan?

It's interesting to see how all those "programmed sales plans" seemed to come to an end simultaneously. Maybe there was an explanation, but I may have missed it as I tried, but apparently failed, to keep up with the deluge of information coming out of Investor Relations following the Hynix trial win. Maybe I lost it in all those announcements about licenses that had been hinted at for months and months.

Consider me embarrassed by my Yahoo ID.

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