Friday, June 02, 2006

Remembering the good times

Yes, Any Donkey tends to post the Daily Quote on the good days and ignore the bad ones. I admit it. I do have a reason - usually.

Today's excuse . . . . it is graduation weekend and nostalgia has invaded the pasture. Not a dry eye in the place last night as the song "Butterfly Kisses" accompanied photographs of my daughter growing up.

Daily Stock Quote Notification

Rambus Inc. (RMBS - NASD)

Closing Price $ 28.75
Opening Price $ 25.59
Previous Close $ 24.26

Change 4.49

Last Trade Jun 1 4:16PM
Volume 18,274,100
Day Low $ 25.59
Day High $ 29.08

As Joe would write . . . "hug your family" . . . indeed.


Empiricum said...

Congratulations to "R", to you, and to the Lady Donkey, also.

jester said...

Indeed, congrats to our favorite Donkies!

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