Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rambus, slow interconnects? - Updated

Why is it that it took so long for the AP correction? - the articles about options backdating that named Rambus Inc. as being "among the companies that have disclosed receiving subpoenas or SEC requests for documents."

Yahoo! Finance posted the first offending article on Friday June 2, 6:17 pm ET and then a second on Tuesday June 6, 5:53 pm ET.

Bad reporting, yes. Slow to correct, yes.

The correction story was posted Thursday June 8, 4:54 pm ET.

Who watches the news at Rambus Inc.? Likely all 350 +/- employees, or at least the ones that care about their stock options. One might guess that somebody would have noticed the error?

Why the delay?

Nobody cares at Rambus?
Everybody is too busy?
Under the cone of silence?
Media won't return calls?

Perish the thought . . . the options scandal is real and those that care are too busy figuring out how to kick butt or off interviewing?

They are someone's daughter. Likely someone's significant other and perhaps someone's mother, but the cold fact is, they are not getting the job done. Who's responsible? The buck stops someplace . . .

Rambus Inc.
Linda Ashmore
650 947-5411

Rambus Inc.
Gabriele Collier
650 947-5522

Citigate Cunningham
Lisa Kennedy
650 858-3788

I, for one, am tired of the cone of silence that has settled over Rambus.

Hat tip to for the photograph.

Updated: The Filthy Report

The long arm of Micron touches all. Ahhh well. The Anti trust case is a lock. . . .

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