Saturday, June 03, 2006

More Micron Technology Inc. e-mail media

The Filthy Report - All The Filthy News Thats Fit To Post has discovered the Rambus Story. Perhaps not as mainstream as the Wall Street Journal, but what the heck . . .

Micron is a company ooooozing with sleeeze. The owner has a congressmen named Butch Otter in his pocket. Otter will go to Jail because of all this. Butch Otter will end up in a Federal Penn with boobies painted on his back.
Acquire your own fly pig at linked here.


Empiricum said...

How's the economy of Boise, Idaho, going nowadays? Slow? Well, maybe local business can branch out from potato chips to PORK RINDS. It seems like there is enough local supply !!! OINK !

Mooolah Filthy said...

Filthy Speaks truth. Boobies to be on Otters Back soooooon!

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