Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mobile phones - Rambus Inc. inside?

Mobile phones - they are increasing in number and features.

Laurie Sullivan, TechWeb News reports that Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. plans to make digital TV phones available in Europe this month (June '06) that can receive programs broadcast on a Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) network.

Rambus Inc., believes that its intellectual property is found in the DRAM of "smart phones."

If this is true and if Rambus is one day fairly compensated for the use of its technology, shareholders of Rambus Inc. are in a position to be handsomely rewarded.

In a graphic shown at its analyst meeting June 1, 2006, (and above) Rambus noted that in 2006, 250 million mobile phones will be sold that include DRAM. By 2009, it is projected that 575 million mobile phones will be sold with DRAM inside.

In a November 28, 2005, article for David Whelan reported that an estimated $10.00 of the cost of a mobile phone is due to licensing charges.

Will the market even notice if the cost of a mobile phone is increased a couple dollars?

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