Thursday, June 15, 2006

Howard Chu - nominated Ass of the Year

Any Donkey knows about farm life, you can trust me on this one. I've fed chickens and gathered their eggs, done the cattle drive, even picked rocks from the field. It isn't romantic - it is bleepin' hard work. No Starbucks before the commute through traffic. Just git your buns out of bed and walk across the dusty driveway and git to it. Not all Californians are complaining about the immigrants . . . but I digress.

Any Donkey knows a bit about donkeys too. They vary in size and temperament. There are the big mean ones and the little really mean ones. They are only nice when they want to be, and that is seldom. They aren't called asses for nothing.

Now that you know that my expertise in matters relating to farm life can be trusted, I nominate Howard Chu as Ass of the Year.

He may be a Rambus Inc. shareholder. He may be a LTL. He may be some sweet little girl's daddy, but in my opinion, he is not looking out for the best interests of Rambus Inc. shareholders. If he was, he would have waited a few days for HH and the gang to finish their Cokes and release the findings of the internal investigation of option grants, back dating or not.

Mr. Chu is adding another distraction. Don't think for a moment that HH and gang will be concerned with Mr. Chu's Shareholder Derivative Complaint only after hours and on weekends.

I am not blind and not convinced that all is on the up-and-up in Rambushire as viewed from this many Monday mornings hence. Something stinks - lots of something.

I admit that I may have spent too many hours in the hot sun, but I thought I saw some Amigos riding an ass go by . . .

1 comment:

jester said...

Hidden agendas? ROGER THAT!,
but one thing needs to be clarified. "... even picked rocks from the field". Is there an options market, in Chicago, for rocks?

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