Thursday, June 22, 2006

AT & T Inc. updates privacy policy

In short, AT & T Inc. considers your usage records a business record owned by AT & T Inc. You are not comfortable with this? Do not worry, they have a public relations department "happy to address any concerns you may have about our privacy practices and policies."

You may e-mail at or write to us at AT&T Privacy Policy, 175 E. Houston St., San Antonio, TX 78205.

Any Donkey wonders if their public relations department operates similar to the one in Rambushire?

AT & T Inc. writes:

Our customers and web visitors expect, deserve and receive nothing less than our fullest commitment to their privacy. We also have an obligation to assist law enforcement and other government agencies responsible for protecting the public welfare, whether it be an individual or the security interests of the entire nation. If and when we are asked to help, we do so strictly within the law and under the most stringent conditions.
AT & T Inc.'s updated (6/16/06) privacy policy may be read linked here.

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