Wednesday, May 31, 2006

WSJ publishes a few details . . .

The much anticipated Wall Street Journal report about the "12 DOJ Docs" should attract class-action-litigators like the sea calls lemmings. Yes, there is a difference - one group moves on two legs while the other on four and well, Any Donkey doesn't know any lemmings.

The question certain to be asked and asked again is "why didn't you settle this before it became public?" Followed by, "what were you thinking when you let Rambus Inc. antitrust claim reach a jury?"

Although the article lacks the impact of a global nuclear strike against all parties anti-Rambus, the WSJ assisted Rambus in successfully launching a couple surgical strikes. One follows:

"No problem," wrote one Micron executive, in a June 2001 message, responding to another message about lower DDR pricing. "We want DDR to explode into the marketplace so have actually been requesting Infineon, Samsung and Hynix to lower their DDR pricing to help it become a standard (and drive Rambus away completely)."
The Wall Street Journal article (6/1/06) by Don Clark is posted in its entirety at linked here.

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