Sunday, May 14, 2006

Rambus Inc. - problems at home?

Michael Kanellosis editor at large at CNET reported about the United Stated Patent Office project, called peer-to-patent - which is aimed at helping ameliorate one of the major problems in the patent process: Patent examiners are simply overworked. It is a short and interesting article linked here. Even more interesting is to Any Donkey is the comment that follows:

Reader post by: rensanceman
Posted on: May 14, 2006, 9:13 AM PDT
Story: Patent office to look into peer review

I am very angry that the guiding comments by the insiders at this firm which have been extremely optimistic and favorable have begun a massive insider selling program even after winning the case. This is analagous to Ken Lay of Enron doing the same: touting the stock to keep the stock price high while he was selling.

Rambus's stock price rose before the case was won to a high of about $46. Insiders started selling after the award which started a free fall downward for the stock. It now sits at around $31.

Is the SEC watching this? They will be notified.
A true Ramboid or a basher? Who knows. One thing is certain, the Ramboids are growing increasingly less tolerant of what is viewed by many of them as an inept public relations department, excessive insider trading outside of plans and a CEO who doesn't give a darn about the shareholders unless they are shareholders who receive company options.

Hat tip to FinzToRite for the link.

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