Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rambus Inc. - Another toll plaza

United States Patent 7,054,771

Batra, et al. May 30, 2006

Bus line current calibration

Disclosed herein is a method and system for calibrating line drive currents in systems that generate data signals by varying line drive currents and that interpret the data signals by comparing them to one or more reference voltages. The calibration includes varying the line drive current at a transmitting component. At different line drive currents, a receiver reference voltage is varied while the transmitting component transmits data to a receiving component. At each line drive current, the system records the highest and lowest receiver reference voltages at which data errors do not occur. The system then examines the recorded high and low receiver reference voltages to determine a desirable line drive current.

Inventors: Batra; Pradeep (Santa Clara, CA); Rutkowski; Rick A. (Sunnyvale, CA)

Assignee: Rambus, Inc. (Los Altos, CA)

Appl. No.: 068260

Filed: February 28, 2005

Hat tip FinzToRite of the Pinehurst Thread for the link.

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