Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Politics of Rambus Inc. Management (Updated)

Discussion of Harold Hughes, Rambus CEO and lightening rod, continues to electrify the message boards. Nothing is sacred. No privacy permitted. Cows are offered for sacrifice and curtains are parted.

At least one poster suggested that Mr. Hughes and the rest of Rambus management are probably Bay Area liberals. I assume from the context that being a liberal is a negative in the poster's opinion.

Search engine engaged . . . money trail please.

Is there a money trail? Yes, and it leads to Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo. Yes, she is a Democrat and she has represented California's 14th Congressional District in the heart of Silicon Valley since her election in 1992.

Is she liberal?
According to onetheissues.org Ms. Eshoo is a Moderate Liberal.

Who at Rambus supported Ms. Eshoo?

John Danforth, Rambus Inc./Attorney $2,000

Laura Stark, Rambus Inc./Executive $2,000 (12/26/2005)

Sharon Holt, Rambus Inc./Senior Vice President $1,000 (12/07/2005)

Harold Hughes, Rambus/Management $2,000 (10/24/05)

And the money trail leads to Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, a Democrat who has represented California's 16th district since her election in 1994. The 16th District encompasses most of San Jose, the capital of Silicon Valley, in the heart of Santa Clara County. Ms. Lofgren serves on the Committee on the Judiciary - Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property.

Is Ms. Lofgren liberal?

According to ontheissues.org Ms. Lofgren is a Libertarian-Leaning Liberal.

Who at Rambus has supported Ms. Lofgren?

Geoffrey Tate Rambus Inc./CEO $1,000 (8/02/2005)

Geoffrey Tate Rambus Inc./CEO $1,000 (09/27/2005)

Any other Democratic support?

Geoffrey Tate Rambus Chairman of the Board $25,000 (11/18/2005) to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Are there more trails? If so, do some lead to more conservative individuals and causes? If so, perhaps those trails will be found upon further exploration.

Until then, Any Donkey wonders . . .

Do the politics of Rambus management impact who might or might not be listening in Washington D.C.?

Hat tip to CampaignMoney.com


Poster, clarifies his comment regarding liberals for Any Donkey writing:

I think the original post had something to do with corporate governance and the assumption that it is typically the fat cat Republicans who rape the shareholders. My observation is that greed is a political party unto itself and like a red tide can corrupt any living thing it touches.
Thank you twoandahalfblockslong. I agree.

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