Thursday, May 18, 2006

Catching up on Coke

May 4, 2006

Thomas P. Kemp, former chairman and chief executive of Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Los Angeles and former president of Beatrice/Hunt-Wesson Foods, has died. He was 75. Kemp, a brother of former NFL star, congressman and secretary of Housing and Urban Development Jack Kemp, died April 26 of an apparent heart attack while swimming at a pool in Laguna Beach, said his daughter Anne Kemp Hummel.
Read the LA Times article linked here.

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Empiricum said...

I'm no fan of Jack's and I never agreed with his political and economic philosophies. Nevertheless, I extend to him my profound and belated condolences.

BUT I don't think the guy who calls himself "Rambus CEO" is smart enough to get the message of the post. And, hell no, I am NOT giving him a Letter of Recommendation, either. Sorry to say, but I will say it again: FOR AS LONG AS HE REMAINS AT THE HELM OF RAMBUS, THE STOCK WILL CONTINUE TO LANGUISH, AND SO WILL THE RAMBOIDS!

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