Saturday, May 13, 2006

An apology - not from Mr. Hughes

New Yankee Hideki Matsui apologized - for getting hurt. Mr. Matsui broke his wrist while trying to make a diving catch in the Yankees' 5-3 loss to the Boston Red Sox last Thursday night. The Associated Press reports:

Due to this injury, I feel very sorry and, at the same time, very disappointed to have let my teammates down. I will do my best to fully recover and return to the field to help my team once again.
Mr. Hughes, CEO of Rambus Inc., should be a man and apologize to the Mr. Dowd and the Rambus shareholders for his inappropriate comments at the annual meeting. Step up to the plate Mr. Hughes and just do it.

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Empiricum said...

I think it is time that we trade HAROLD HUHGES to the minor league. He does not know how pitch a responsible answer; he does not know how catch the good intentions of shareholders; he does not know how to field questions; he beaned John Dowd (or was it SS?); he went to bat and he struck out on 3 pitches!

Frankly, I doubt if HH will ever issue a written apology. This guy has been overcome by false pride. And even if he issues an apology next week, it is no longer timely and whole-hearted. He should have done it last Wednesday or Thursday, the latest.

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