Thursday, April 06, 2006

Wizard of Pinehurst predicts Rambus, Inc. victory

Today (4/6/06), the Pinehurst Thread was blessed with an e-mail from The Wizard predicting not only a victory for Rambus, but a triple-digit share price.

With The Wizard's permission, I post his e-mail. (One does not want to upset The Wizard.) The Wizard, in granting permission, reminded Any Donkey that he, The Wizard, has predicted a settlement for well over 1,675 days running. That noted, without further pause, I bring you The Wizard Of Pinehurst:

I issue forth from my cave, fortified by many spirits given us by the grace of Eros, to give forth my infallible price prediction for Rambus. I have reviewed the pundits from yahoo and ihub, most of whom were picking shit out of their diapers and rubbing it on their foreheads when I first started covering Rambus, and find their analysis lacking. They call for an average of about a 12 to 15 point rise in rmbs's stock with a favorable verdict in the Whyte trial.

It is obvious to me that they are incapable of thinking on a grand scale. I feel as Napoleon must have as he contemplated his divide and conquer strategy successfully, time after time, against his less gifted opponents. If rmbs gets a favorable verdict the stock will rise at least 30 points despite the inevitable appeal, if allowed, by Hynix. The stock will pause for several days as pundits and analysists begin to cogitate on the implications giving validity to Hager's 1000 price prediction. Following this pause, we will move quickly to 120 before the end of April.

And so it is written, the Wizard, April 6, 2006.

See you at the absolute top top.

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Barbara Ann said...

And, so it is! The "Wizard", "Friend", "LTL" has spoken, and wisely. I concur.

Barbara Ann

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