Friday, April 28, 2006

Rambus Inc. insiders sell more shares

Sure, why not? It has been a good month. Apparently the insiders don't want to miss a "selling" opportunity . . . guess they don't read Fred Hager?

The positive verdict should provide analysts with a certain sense of the inevitability of Rambus prevailing in licensing the DRAM manufacturers on terms favorable to Rambus.

We remain bullish on Rambus . . .
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Hat tip to Fred Hager, et al.


Empiricum said...

I went to the marina this morning to look for Any Donkey. His fishing boat was nowhere to be found. So I dropped by the restroom of the Yatch Club and saw the following notice posted on the door:


RAMBUS INC., an option opportunity employer, is now hiring qualified applicants to replace its executive officers and board members. Applicants must have extensive experience in negotiations and case settlements, public relations, option trading, ability to time the market and proficiency in Sanskrit. Knowledge in Kama Sutra is not required.

~ 0 ~

(The foregoing is a parody and caricature of the current Rambus Inc. management.)

Empiricum said...

Next week's Annual Meeting highlight:

--- Management will tell the shareholders to continue investing FOR them.

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