Monday, April 24, 2006

Rambus Inc. - Hynix Jury Press Release

Rambus Wins Patent Infringement Trial Against Hynix

Jury awards Rambus $306.5M in damages for infringing U.S. sales; all Rambus patent claims in trial found valid and infringed.
“We are very pleased with today’s result – and very thankful for the considered attention of the jury and the court in this lengthy trial,” said John Danforth, senior vice president and general counsel at Rambus. “We wish to extend our great thanks also to all those who have supported Rambus over its 16-year history and helped us get to this point. Rambus’ founders and engineers have, over the years, created tremendous innovations and great value for consumers and the industry. This work has led to industry awards, numerous patents, and recognition that Rambus solutions are far and away the correct ones to solve the memory bottleneck. We will continue that and other ground-breaking work – and also continue in our efforts to be fairly compensated for our patented inventions.”
Read the press release at linked here.

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