Wednesday, April 05, 2006

JEDEX "love fest" is on deck

The electronic rag the Inquirer, a self-described source of "news, reviews, facts and friction" (4/5/06), described the upcoming JEDEX convention April 18 & 19 in San Jose, CA as a "memory module love fest."

I double-checked the e-mail "Angie" of sent me with the line-up, no mention of love whatsoever.

The memory industry is rapidly evolving with DRAM, flash and module technologies undergoing dramatic changes to accommodate emerging system needs. There is only one place where you can address those changes head-on while networking with key industry leaders. The place is JEDEX.
Also, no mention of Rambus, Inc., either.

I am placing a bet that more than a couple memory executives will take the opportunity of inconspicuously chatting about Rambus and the tsunami of unflattering news that is about to cleanse the industry - triggered by nearly simultaneous earthquakes with epicenters in Judge Kramer's courtroom in San Francisco (anti-trust and the DOJ documents) and Judge Whyte's courtroom in San Jose, California (Hynix's infringement and the potential $100's of millions in damages being awarded Rambus & the all-important necessity of a license agreement).

Day of judgment for the memory industry draws near.

JEDEX will be held on April 18-19, 2006 at the San Jose Marriot, San Jose, CA. These are some of the highlights:

DDR Tutorial Instructors:
Desi Rhoden, Inphi Corporation
Jang Seok Choi, Samsung Semiconductor

DDR3 Module Design In-Depth Instructors:
Amir H. Motamedi &
David Chan, Infineon Technologies

Memory Panel Discussion "It's all About Memory"
Desi Rhoden, Inphi Corporation
Kevin Kilbuck, Micron Technology
David Chan, Infineon Technologies
Perry Keller, Agilent
Sam Patel, AMD
Jeffrey Lee, Sun Microsystems

DDR3 C-A-C Bus Topology,
Bill Shen, Infineon Technologies

Future Trends of Mobile DRAM,
Andrew Yi, Samsung Semiconductor

Memory Modules Overview,
Bill Gervasi, SimpleTech

System Memory Outlook 2006/2007,
Jaci Chang, Samsung Semiconductor

Visual DRAM Specifications,
Bill Shen, Infineon Technologies

DDR2 DIMM Tester - User Expectations,
Daniel Tan, CST, Inc.

Logic Support Component for DDR3 Registered DIMMs,
Tomdio Nana, Texas Instruments

Memory Controllers for 667 Mbps DDR2 and Beyond,
Adrian Cosoroaba, Xilinx

DDR Parity Testing on the Register Validation Board,
John Smolka, IDT

New Era of Graphic Memory,
Jimmy Chung, Samsung Semiconductor

Visit the JEDEX website today for full conference and registration details.
We hope to see you at JEDEX.

Best Regards,

Angie Steigleman

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