Sunday, April 16, 2006

Cell, part of the IBM retooling

Brian Bergstein, Associated Press Teachnology Writer, in a lengthy article IBM Faces Impatience Despite Retooling mentions Cell:

Other parts of IBM are primed to see much faster growth, including the microchip-making division, which Palmisano held despite some clamor on Wall Street for him to sell it off.

The group could be near a home run with its Cell Broadband Engine, which combines nine separate processors in one chip for hyper-realistic graphics and other advanced computational functions. Cell is the brains in Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE - news).'s upcoming PlayStation 3 game console and is expected to run a range of hardware from IBM and other companies.

Even so, it might require mind-boggling gains from chips to seriously change investor opinion about a company that already posts $24 billion in hardware revenue and $90 billion overall.
Hat tip to a "mind-boggling" future for Cell.

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