Monday, April 17, 2006

Boston can throw a party

The running of the 110th Boston Marathon caused major traffic jams in the city today while a reported 20,000 plus individuals sought to conquer the course. The locals threw parties on their lawns, driveways and rooftops and watched the participants as thousands more lined the streets in support. It was a party like none I have witnessed before.

Hat tip to Boston.

Hat tip to my mother who at the age of 75 conquered The Boston.

. . . a special thanks to those who called me throughout the day with the Rambus updates and those "on call" should something break.

. . . . a real special thanks to my family for encouraging me to "go support grandma" . . . an experience I will never forget.


Empiricum said...

Congratulations to your mom, her entire entourage and supporters. That's a terrific finish for her!


Yesterday's court developments as reported in the "land of exotic screen names" seem to indicate that there could be VERDICT TODAY in the HYNIX V. RAMBUS case. Good luck and good day.

Anonymous said...

GOD BLESS you and your Mother !!
Some gal !!

Another 'win' on the horizon as well.

Barbara Ann

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