Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rambus v. Hynix - Day 1 Highlights

Stone's Poster Board:

Need More Speed - Use More Inventions

Professor Farmwald "who grew up in Indiana" & Stone v. Full Table with lead attorney in a wrinkled silk suit.

Male juror nodding his head in agreement / understanding as Stone discussed bottleneck.

Female juror in the back row listening intently to Stone and turning to look at Farmwald everytime Stone mentioned his name.

Startled / embarrassed look of the jurors when they entered the courtroom the first time and Stone / Farmwald (they were closest) and the rest of the attendees were standing.

The attendees noticeably leaning forward as Stone informed the jury that Hynix had sold $18.5 billion (worldwide) of products since 2000 that infringed - with a couple members of the jury quickly glancing at Farmwald.

Judge Whyte apologizing to the jury for making them wait.


Threejack said...


Sounds like you were in attendance. Nice color commentary to mtsugawa's detail reports. Thanks!

Really impressive how Ramboids from all the boards work together to share news and insights.

Will make sure Docrew sees your note.


Empiricum said...

I have reason to believe that Treowth (Any Donkey) was indeed in attendance YESTERDAY. Unfortunately, I was unable to join him for personal reasons that he himself knows.

Let me join the chorus of appreciation for the excellent reporting and commenting job being undertaken by MARK (mtsugawa) of the Yahoo! Rambus message board.

For my part, I shall endeavor to undertake a running legal commentary on significant and critical issues as presented during the trial and as reported by those in attendance, which commentaries will be posted EXCLUSIVELY here on Treowth.

As a starter, I find the following quote in Mark's Part 5 most interesting:

***Some companies agreed to license and build RDRAM, Hynix included. However, RDRAM is not the product that we're talking about in this case. Hynix has a license to make RDRAM, however, they've never paid royalties to Rambus since they never produced any RDRAM.

The RDRAM product consists of many of Rambus's ideas. These ideas can be used to build other types of memory besides RDRAM. However, the Hynix (and all the Rambus RDRAM licenses) explicitly prevent the licensee from using these ideas to make other types of memory besides RDRAM.***

Although an attorney's opening arguments is not evidence, the above quote could serve as the very foundation of the entire case.

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