Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hager - beating the drums

Fred Hager is beating the drums in a letter to "former subscribers" he props SanDisk, Rambus and Fred Hager - in Any Donkey's pasture, all good friends.

SanDisk: Look for 2006 to Bring More Huge Profits. If you'd invested in SanDisk when we selected it in November of 2004, you'd be 155% richer. And if you had invested in the 2007 LEAPS position we took in September 2004 you would have already pocketed an amazing 582% profit.

With these huge gains already secured, now is the time to repeat those great moves for even bigger profits. In this alert, I'll explain why. Plus, I'll introduce youto the secret of the profit-making Hager System outperforming every other investor newsletter for over three years now.

And as a special service to our former subscribers, I will update you on profit making developments in Rambus that may surprise you.
You may find Fred Hager here.

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