Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Song of the day

What's Bob Eulau getting today?

"The Goodbye Look"

by Donald Fagen (1982)

Donald Fagen -- The Nightfly

Submitted by FinzToRite.


Empiricum said...

Do you have a song titled "Saving Face" which I would like to dedicate especially to Dr. Henry Lee? Thank you in advance as I hereby reserve my comments on the same.

Empiricum said...

Going once... going twice...

Okay folks, with reluctance I will do this one ACAPPELLA.

Yesterday Dr. Henry Lee made his regular TV talk show rounds to inform the whole wide world that:

--- Royal Caribbean offered him an opportunity to conduct his much-heralded MANNEQUIN experiment aboard a ship similar to the BRILLIANCE OF THE SEAS. (Could it be the RC's latest addition, FREEDOM OF THE SEAS?)

--- He declined the "invitation" due to "previously scheduled engagements."

--- He requested from RC documents relating to "weather conditions and traveling speed" of the Brilliance of the Seas at the time of George Smith's disappearance.

It should be noted, parenthetically, that on Monday, January 23, 2006, I commented on Henry Lee's dramatic dummy experiment in my article titled "Body of Evidence (Part I).

I find Henry Lee's reason or excuse declining RC invitation shallow. Firstly, if, indeed, he has prior scheduled engagements, how can he find all the time to appear to almost every talk show to discuss WHAT "HE CANNOT DISCUSS"? Secondly, these behemoth cruise ships have heliports on the bow of the ships that Lee could be easily flown in and out!

Again, I submit that Lee's dummy experiment is nothing but to dramatize his entry and participation in the investigation of the case and that the experiment has no probative value in court. In my mind, this is a simple case of ... (I cannot also disclose it at this time, due to the pending criminal investigations.)

Empiricum said...

To my fellow "sleuths" out there, here is a clue that I will put in a time capsule: this is a simple case of "S & L."

You may bookmark this one.

Empiricum said...

In summation, Henry Lee is now trying to SAVE HIS FACE, an admission of the silliness of his dramatics perhaps after reading and hearing a few comments about "Henry and his Dummy" !

The NEIL ENTWISTLE case, a matter I was considering for my "Body of Evidence (Part III), also proves a handful of noisy legal pundits wrong in their analysis and prognostications. Entwistle's conscious and deliberate no-show at the funeral of his wife and baby is too powerful and compelling to overcome that it becomes inexplicable.

Fortunately, he is now arrested. Otherwise, Henry Lee might be lassoing another mannequin.

Empiricum said...

To make my commentaries fairly and substantially complete, Henry Lee also requested RC to provide him information on the construction material used for the canopy where Smith presumably landed on. Okay, doc! But is this material and relevant on the issue of "whodunit"? Be that as it may, there is a question of "buoyancy" here. Like in aircrafts, construction materials used on big ships are light enough to make it most buoyant, but the canopy is constructed with materials strong enough to anchor those large lifeboats. But certainly, these canopies are not made of aluminum. Got that one, doc?

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