Friday, February 24, 2006

Repost - Is Jeff Mailloux Going To Jail?

Treowth was born a year ago this month (2/16/05).

Any Donkey thanks you the reader.

With the help of many friends, Joe, Finz, Empiricum, The1stBA, Doctorweld, James, BennetMI, Pinehurst Thread, those who request annonymity and those truly annonymous, to name a few, the 1000th post was blogged this week.

Treowth began with Any Donkey asking if Jeff Mailloux would be going to jail. That remains an open question. Perhaps in the end, Mr. Mailloux will be “freedom impaired”. Perhaps in the end, more than one potato will be fried. Perhaps . . .

Thank you again for reading. The story began (warts and all) . . .

Dance Card: Rambus vs. Micron, Hynix/Siemens and Infineon

Dance Hall: California Superior Court, County of San Francisco

What is the problem?
Rambus believes that Micron, Hynix/Siemens and Infineon (“Three Amigos”) illegally colluded as a group "to eliminate competition and stifle innovation in the market for computer memory technology and computer memory chips".

Please, what does Rambus believe the Three Amigos did?
They reduced the desirability and availability of RDRAM by inflating price and production projections back in the late 90’s. They also agreed to benchmark the price-cost-availability of alternate memory. After killing RDRAM, the Three Amigos in concert sought to raise the price of non-RDRAM memory.

Why would the Three Amigos want to kill RDRAM?
They objected to Intel deciding what type of memory the Three Amigos would be making. They also feared that they would simply become foundries for Rintel (Rambus + Intel) with the profits going to Rintel.

What does Rambus want?
Actual damages (maybe more than $1B), treble damages (multiply actual damages by three) and punitive damages (the sky is the limit). Also, attorney fees and costs.

Who is Jeff Mailloux and why would he be going to jail?
Paragraph 65 of the complaint describes Jeff Mailloux, as a senior Micron executive who wrote an email to Farhad Tabrizi, his counterpart at Hyundai (now Hynix) about a conversation he had with Anthony Cataldo who authored an article in EE Times . Mailloux wanted Hyundai to have a “heads up” and to encourage Tabrizi to call Cataldo and “give him Hyundai’s view”. Mailloux concluded his e-mail stating “Anyhow, please visit me if I end up in jail, but felt it was important and timely enough to get our message out there . . .”


B A said...

"Any Donkey" - Congratulations for a job well done!

Your thoughts and your diligence are very much appreciated. Not to mention your sense of humor !!!

Barbara Ann

Empiricum said...


If I may, let me mention the names of 2 commentators who have likewise significantly contributed to your success: JESTER and his NINJAS, and BLOGAN... and, oh, Mary and Alice too!

Now you can blow your scented candle and cut and distribute the cake.


Anonymous said...

Indeed. My thanks to those who take the time and effort to comment. Thanks Empiricum for the nudge. Any Donkey

jester said...

Happy B-day Treowth!
Any Donkey, well done sir.

Thanks EMP
Hi Ba

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