Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Rambus's Eulau looking for greener grass

Robert Eulau, Rambus CFO, announced that he has resigned as CFO, effective March 2, 2006 "to pursue another opportunity."

Yikes! How does that make the Ramboids feel about the existing opportunity?

Or . . . Mr. Eulau was asked to consider other opportunities.

No need to feel sorry for Mr. Eulau as he shouldn't be missing meals anytime soon. Since the turn of the year, he netted a reported $5.7 million on exercised options and today he exercised and held - so far - 52535 more options.

Turn the page.

To borrow a line from Mr. Frog, "best wishes" Mr. Eulau, "best wishes."

Read the Rambus SEC filing - current report - regarding Mr. Eulau linked here.

Read Mr. Eulau's SEC filing - Form 4 - regarding the current exercise of options linked here.

Again, best wishes Mr. Eulau.

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Empiricum said...

After Eulau, what?

Will his successor have the same compensation package..if not more? These issues of excessive salaries of, and recurrent option trading by, Rambus management need to confronted head on at the next annual shareholder meeting.

And we need to find a way to install a DIRECTOR, or DIRCETORS, FROM AMONG US to restore sanity and efficiency in the Board. If we cannot vote him in, through proxy or otherwise, let's start a grassroot campaign to amend the By-Laws and charter of the corporation. Last time I heard, Rambus is still a PUBLICLY-HELD corporation. Until this is done, all these news about "changes" are nothing but HOLLOW.

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