Monday, February 13, 2006

Mr. Frog predicts settlement

It is a routine for Any Donkey, I check the frog blog, better known as The Croaker Blog for a morning chuckle and the latest from Mr. Frog. Today was no exception and I was not disappointed.

I learned that Mr. Frog is predicting settlement - worldwide settlement - and that I should sell my non-Rambus holdings and get fully on board the BUS . . . and I had better do it now!

Yikes, I had been planning that already . . . now what to do?

The "Real" Any Donkey is not a trader or even an honorary member - at least not to my knowledge - of the Frog contrariwise CBOT or Croaker Blog Options Traders. Thus, Any Donkey is inclined to adjust his positions a bit and shift his portfolio towards Rambus, despite Mr. Frog's suggestions to do the same. All the same, I wish Mr. Frog would stop predicting settlement.

A link to The Croaker Blog here.

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