Thursday, February 23, 2006

More reasons to hate potatoes

They make you fat - or at least all the stuff you add to them . . . "bad" your doctor tells you. "You won't live long enough to enjoy your Rambus stock."

They make French fries out of them. I am still not up with the French.

Couch potato. Potato head. Spelling bees . . .

And now those potato-lovers in Idaho are filing lawsuits left and wrong against Rambus.

On a day when Judge Whyte slaps Hynix, Micron spoils the fun and files a lawsuit against Rambus in Virginia, home of the Honorable Judge Payne. Not in Delaware, home of the longstanding (or more correctly, longsleeping) Micron / Rambus dispute. Not in California, home of Judge Whyte and a recently filed Rambus / Micron dispute. Blatant forum shopping, I rant and rave.

And now, in Italy for pizza's sake!

"We believe that Rambus abused the legal process, and that Micron is entitled to recover damages caused by Rambus' actions in Italy," said Rod Lewis, Micron's Vice President of Legal Affairs and General Counsel.

Micron, the bastion of integrity. The recently converted who rat out their co-conspirators and tell all (allegedly) of the plan to rip off the public.

Give me a flippin' break . . .

Photo courtesy of NYC and Mad.

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