Monday, February 06, 2006

IEEE honors Mark Horowitz, Rambus co-founder

For outstanding contributions to solid-state circuits, as exemplified by benefit to society, enhancement of technology, and professional leadership.

Bruce A. Wooley of Stanford says Horowitz has made "seminal contributions in areas such as computer architecture, semiconductor memory, the modeling of large scale digital circuits, the design and modeling of low-power VLSI circuits and systems, and the design of circuits for high-performance data links."

His research has changed the way an entire industry thinks about memory interfaces and fostered a revolution in that industry. Memory access bandwidths have increased by more than an order of magnitude in just a few years as a result of the ideas he pioneered.

Read a fine article about Mr. Horowitz at linked here.

Read more about the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., or "Eye Triple E" linked here.

Read a press release from Rambus linked here.

Hat tip to Mr. Horowitz, you the man - seriously.

Also seriously, Mr. Horowitz has not exercised any options or sold any shares since July of '05 when it was reported that he owned 1,374,976 shares.

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