Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I might just sit this one out . . .

Order yours here.

Hat tip to Joe of the Pinehurst Thread. I asked for his thoughts and he delivered.


Empiricum said...

Good. But just make sure that you announce when you stand up. Dick "gfy" Cheney has the reputation to be TRIGGER-HAPPY at times.

And make sure that you are wearing that orange flak jacket. No, not the striped one! Not the one from Folsom, CA. Try that one from Eddie Bauer. Okay? I don't want you to get hurt, Any Donkey.

Empiricum said...

Ah, the typical "one-beer-only" excuse. You tell that to a cop in a routine traffic stop and immediately you will be asked to step out of the car, walk on a straight line, point at your nose and count how many fingers the cop has... and the stop won't be routine anymore.

In the case of Dick "gfy" Cheney, his age must be considered and the kind of lunch he had to determine whether his judgment was impaired by "one-beer-only."

Could this be the true reason that they waited overnight before bringing in the sheriff? Hmmm....
I'd say, BOOK 'EM DANO !!!

Empiricum said...

Common sense dictates that a person with a KNOWN heart condition should not drink even "one" beer especially with a view of going hunting in a few hours!

Empiricum said...

Let me discuss the other matter that the TWISTED ONE told Brit Hume in that interview based on what I have read and heard. (I DO NOT WATCH FOX NEWS for obvious reasons.)

Dick "gfy" Cheney was repeatedly quoted as saying that he has the power to DECLASSIFY sensitive and classified information on the basis of a certain "Executive Order." I have not seen or read that EO. Perhaps he has that "power" in fact. But does he have that power as a MATTER OF LAW, especially as it relates to the outing of a covert intelligence agent which is specifically prohibited by law?

I bet that when Dick "gfy" Cheney discussed this matter, he was doing it with a TWISTED mouth again. An Executive Order cannot lawfully amend or abrogate a law or contravene the Constitution! An Executive Order cannot be the basis for a claim of power when the exercise of such power amounts to a crime or fraud.

This reminds me of the claim by Snoopy Gonzales as asserted by Condo Rice of "Executive Privilege" when the latter was required to testify before the 911 Commission. The SNOOPY ONE was clearly wrong in his analysis and appreciation of that "privilege" in that instance because, as I have repeatedly posted, the 911 Commission was not an agency of the legislative branch but, rather, an independent body.

Furthermore, as Ramboids know by now, a privilege can be pierced if a crime or fraud was committed.

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