Wednesday, January 11, 2006

WR Hambrecht Targets Rambus at $38

Reuters reports that WR Hambrecht has targeted Rambus at $38.00 by year end (2006). Analyst Daniel Amir believes Rambus has potential . . .

The litigation has potential to generate some $936 million in revenue, or about six times what Rambus took in last year, WR Hambrecht said in a note to investors in which it upgraded the company. Rambus develops and licenses technologies that improve the performance of computers.
$936,000,000? Why not $1,000,0000,000? Is that the 99 cent sale? Tip of the iceberg buddy.

Hang on for the ride.

Hat tip Daniel OL of the Pinehurst Thread for the link.

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Empiricum said...

I view Daniel Amir's (a name that sounds very familiar)so-called "analysis" as an acceptance of my "Rule of Eight." THAT'S GOOD!

But wait a minute, buddy. How did you arrive at the $38 figure? That I cannot figure since nothing is mentioned in the news reports. Was it based solely on earnings? Or precise but complicated mathematical calculations maybe? Or a figure that comes simply out of the blue? THAT'S BAD!

$38 "by year end"? Hey buddy, it's only January! This being the case, I view this so-called "upgrade" more like a manipulation.

By the way, what happened to the law on disclosures and disclaimers, Mr. Amir? Do you own any Rambus shares of stocks?

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