Friday, January 13, 2006

Sirius Satellite Radio

And the very well fed wonder why the masses bristle when "W" talks about lowering tax rates for the top "earners"?

From USA Today linked here:

In case his $100 million-a-year contract wasn't enough, Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI) has freed Howard Stern to make even more serious cash by immediately selling his $191 million in stock.

You don't like Howard Stern? Full Of Shyte doesn't either and the blogger isn't shy about saying so. Please be warned that the site is well, crude, crass, demented, racist, homophobic, perverted, "R" or "X" rated - I don't know where the line is drawn these days - and at times, not the least bit funny. Okay, I laughed, but only once. Full Of Shyte linked here.


Empiricum said...

And the well fed are not done yet, courtesy of Bush. John Snow, the Treasury Secretary, who took the oath to guard our national coffers, is asking for more money from Congress... money that can be diverted and syphoned to Iraq... to feed the 1%.

In the matter of Howard Stern, the not-so-well-fed must also wonder how the so-called "King of Media" can continue his late night TV show on E! Besides the shows "contents," what is more egregious and utterly despicable is how the whole staff, including and most especially Robin, treat their women guests so low and degrading that, in my opinion, amounts to abuse. Where is the "women's liberation" corp on this issue?

And to add insult to America's sense of decency and morality, Stern is rewarded with such a huge contract!

I guess this can only happen in America under the "watchful eye" of the conservatives, including the loquacious tongue of Pat Robertson.

Shameful, indeed !!!

jester said...

Ahh the price of semi-Freedom

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