Sunday, January 15, 2006

Rambus sues Micron in California (Updated)

U.S. District Court Judge Kent Jordan in Wilmington, Delaware, lifted (1/13/06) an order that prevented Rambus from proceeding with the Delaware case or filing new patent suits against Micron.

Without delay, Rambus filed suit against Micron in U.S. District Court in Northern California claiming that Micron is placing products in the marketplace that infringe Rambus patents. This suit targets DDR2, GDDR2 and GDDR3 and other memory devices.

Taipei Times posted a Bloomberg article (1/15/06) linked here.

SignOnSanDiego quoting the Rambus Press Release reports in part:

"While we prefer to resolve issues outside of the courtroom, we believe we have a strong patent position, including patents that issued in the past four years that must be defended appropriately," Rambus attorney John Danforth said in a statement.

SignOnSanDiego linked here.

Indlawnews linked here reports:

Such memory, known as DRAM, is a $30 billion-a-year market, and Rambus thinks its patents entitle it to royalties of about 3 per cent on such products.

Rambus Press Release linked here.

Rambus v. Micron complaint (N. D. CA 2006) linked here.

Updated - more links to articles:

The Register (1/16/06 ) linked here. (1/15/06) linked here. (Daniel of the Pinehurst Thread notes this is India's top online newspaper.)

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Empiricum said...

As I said in my previous post, if there is one company that I want to see Rambus fight gladiator-style to the finish in all its legal battles, it is Micron Tech. Rambus can settle with the rest.

Whenever MU is mentioned, the reported near fisticuff between MU and RMBS executives in San Francisco, CA, in the year 2000 always comes to mind.

It should also be noted that MU was conveniently granted immunity by the DOJ in the DRAM CARTEL investigations in exchange for "cooperation." On this basis, MU should also "cooperate" with the American public in disclosing what, if any, was its role in that cartel. MU cannot simply hide that under the skirt of immunity. Was it an organizer or promoter? If so, who are its "drummers"?

Lastly, it seems like Dave Parker has a new assistant named Daniel Francisco. Well and good! The only problem is that Francisco seems to have laryngitis that he cannot talk.

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