Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rambus rewards its employees

Last week it was noted that Ms. Stark, a Rambus VP, cashed out some of her Rambus options, taking home a pre-tax profit of $1,623,793.

Ms. Stark is a well compensated employee:

Rambus reported in its proxy statement last year that in 2004 Ms. Stark received $225,000 in salary, $259,279 bonus and an additional 85,000 options.

Perhaps this year, Ms. Stark will spring for the pizza at the annual shred party?

Come on Ramboids, laugh a little. It won't do any good to cry after the stock took a dive post insider dumps . . .


Empiricum said...

Disgruntled, Disappointed and Dismayed with Rambus management!

It's becoming more and more obvious that the so-called "Stock Repurchase Program" is nothing more than a cover-up for management's Stock Option Program. I wonder if there is any SEC Rule on this matter. It could be worth looking into this management ploy... selfish as it is.

I feel so manipulated !!!

Empiricum said...

These excessive, unabated, selfish and inconsiderate insider tradings evoke some cryptic messages:

--- Management to Ramboids: "We are the alternating Bus drivers. You, Ramboids, are nothing but PAYING passengers."

--- EMPIRICUM to Rambus management: "Take your Bus to the garage, stretch it into a limobus laden with gold, diamonds and emeralds and make it PRIVATE."

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