Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Rambus quote

One day, Rambus will be in your toothbrush. - Joe McE, cira 1998
That day is drawing closer and closer . . .

On the Gillette site is press release from June 6, 2005:

Oral-B Triumph's brushheads are also embedded with a microchip that communicates with the brush handle's onboard computer, providing feedback in 13 languages via an easy-to-read digital display. Oral-B Triumph's Smart Technology recognizes each user's brushhead as unique, allowing it to track usage and alert the user when it's time to change specific brushheads to ensure optimal cleaning for the entire family. During use, the brushhead also notifies the user every 30 seconds to brush another mouth quadrant, as well as when the recommended two minutes of total brushing time have passed.

Read the press release linked here.

Here is a link to a patent for another programmable toothbrush unit that will remind users to brush.

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