Friday, January 27, 2006

Rambus insiders sell - stock falls 7+%

Apparently it was not only the insiders that locked up recent portfolio gains . . .

The first of what apparently will be a continuing series:

Michael C. Schroeder, Rambus VP of Human Resources. . .

I am guessing that he is a very fine gentleman and a very hard worker. Mr. Schroeder rang the cash register to the tune of $285,588 this week cashing in options.

Mr. Schroeder acquired at $18.04 and disposed at $34.35 a total of 17,500 shares.

Rambus will report that sale as costing 28/100 of one cent per Rambus share.

Mr. Schroeder reported that he still owns 132,500 derivative securities.

You may review Mr.Schroeder's Form 4 linked here.

No comment from Rambus.

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