Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Micron adds to its RDRAM portfolio

Perhaps simply adding weight to the patent portfolio and doing it in a area that has a chance of having value in a cross license agreement.

A possible later benefit:

Lookie see, we wanted RDRAM to succeed. We thought it was the best solution. We even kept doing research . . . please, pretty please, don't make us pay Rambus hundreds of millions of dollars for colluding to to kill RDRAM.


United States Patent 6,986,084.

Cooper, et al. January 10, 2006

Apparatus and method for reducing test resources in testing DRAMS

An apparatus and a method are disclosed for reducing the pin driver count required for testing computer memory devices, specifically Rambus DRAM, while a die is on a semiconductor wafer. By reducing the pin count, more DRAMs can be tested at the same time, thereby reducing test cost and time. One preferred embodiment utilizes a trailing edge of a precharge clock to select a new active bank address, so that the address line required to select a new active address does not have to be accessed at the same time as the row lines.

Inventors: Cooper; Chris (Boise, ID); Giam; Siang Tian (Singapore, SG); McBride; Jerry D. (Biose, ID); Gatzemeier; Scott N. (Boise, ID); Ayres; Scott L. (Meridian, ID); Brown; David R. (Allen, TX)

Assignee: Micron Technology, Inc. (Boise, ID)

Appl. No.: 879437

Filed: June 29, 2004

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