Monday, January 09, 2006

Eight is Wild! - Empiricum

There being no news that came out today concerning Rambus, today's trading action can simply be interpreted as an explainable and justifiable delayed reaction by investors, including institutional funds, to last week's dual blockbuster news: the AMD licensing and Judge Whyte's ruling.

It should be noted that the holidays were just gone by and most investors were strapped of cash ... until last Friday, the first payday of the year. It is very palpable how most investors waited in anguish last weekend to put their money once again on Rambus.

It is of no surprise to this writer that the Rambus share of stock acted the way it did today. In fact, it's been previously posted here on Treowth by this writer that a positive ruling from San Jose, CA, would catapult Rambus back to $28... in accordance with the rule "EIGHT IS WILD."

It will be of no surprise either when the FTC will affirm Judge McGuire's ID that Rambus will get back to $38 under the same rule.

When all is said and done in CA and DE, Rambus should be back to $78 !!!

As always, JMHO.


Empiricum said...

Oddly enough, today's trading action shows that investors have even disregarded Judge Robert Payne's Order this morning setting a hearing on January 19, 2006 on the Samsung case for "supplemental argument" on the very same matters that Judge Whyte had already ruled on ... this time under a so-called "exceptional case" theory.

That Judge Payne is a non-factor has now become obvious... and rightfully so!

Again, JMHO.

Empiricum said...

As a matter of course, after the Rule of Eight kicks in, the "Overhead Theory" automatically follows behind, insofar as Rambus is concerned.

So be careful out there.

Regarding the market in general, Bush's 1% and the profiteers of the year 2000 have not started selling their extra million dollar homes as of yet for reinvestment in the walled street.

But the good news is that Greenspan is due to retire! HALLELUJAH !!!

Again, JMHO.

Empiricum said...


Speaking of judges and keeping abreast with current events, I have a brief, friendly and brotherly advice for Judge Samuel Alito:

--- LOWER THAT CHIN A LITTLE BIT even by a meager 15 degrees!

The way it is, when that chin is pointed up toward high heavens, the meaning is that the person is a "high hot" --- a super intellectual who thinks that he is totally infallible, a trait that runs counter to the best of characteristics of members of the judiciary: humility. That chin that is pointed upwards would tend to confirm some of the accusations lodged against Alito.

I am not an expert on reading and interpreting body language, but let me just say this, too:

--- the gait and stance of Bush with his stiff elbow as if ready to make a draw presents an aura of arrogance.

I suggest that Alito and Bush should check in with a chiropractor !!!

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