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Decoding Revelation - Empiricum

Continuing on with my investigations of mysteries that do tickle our imaginations, it is now time to deal with biblical writings and prophecies that may find some relevance to current and future events without the aid of a dummy or luminols and cast aside all the dramatics.

This article deals on The Revelation of Jesus Christ according to John, The Divine.

In Revelation 13:18, John said:

***This calls for wisdom: let anyone with understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a person. It's number is six hundred sixty-six."***

Throughout the ages, theologians have tried to interpret the vision of John formulating different theories. The following provide a good discussion of these theories and are of recent vintage:

Book of Revelation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Understanding The Book of Revelation Interpretive Models for the Book of Revelation as a Whole

In his article, Gary Leupp discusses Revelation as it relates to Bush and Iraq:
Gary Leupp: Apocalypse Now.

But what if these theories are wrong in their interpretation of the number 666 and does not refer to the beast but, rather, to a certain date... such as JUNE 6, 2006, which is just over 5 months from now?

What will happen on that day other than the anticipated release of the last sequel of the book
Left Behind ?

What if the Church deliberately "edited" the earlier interpretations as it did in the case of Mary Magdalene in order to make Christianity more saleable to the world? In the same manner that the Roman Catholic Church may have tried to hide the existence of a woman pope? AOL News - Did a Woman Serve as Pope in the Ninth Century?

This article is written purposely NOT to cause alarm or panic to Treowth readers but to hopefully put on guard all the people charged with our security and safety for any eventuality that may happen on June 6, 2006, knowing the fanaticism of terrorists on numbers, such as 911. Recall that in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, there were "theories" that the terrorists probably picked the date and the place either from one of Microsoft's fonts or Nostradamus' writings due to the mention or appearance of "twin towers."

If what may happen on June 6, 2006, is not a human-created event, could it be a celestial event?


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's something that will happen at 6:66 PM tonight (better known as 7:06). That's only 53 minutes away. Oh my!

Empiricum said...

And your predicted time has come to pass! Hallelujah. But then you can say "there's a 6:66 p.m. tomorrow and the day after and the day after that. Oh well !

Empiricum said...

Seriously speaking, perhaps Pat Robertson, New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin, and George W. Bush -- 3 lucky and privileged people who have received messages from God -- can provide us a rational and providential answer on this issue, including the following:

--- taken all together, are the natural disasters we have seen in recent years, the reported shifting of the northern and southern lights, the awakening of dormant volcanoes and the increasing unusual activity around the "super volcano" in and around Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, the unusual number and recurrence of hurricanes and earthquakes, flooding during winter, the shifting of political alliances and indoctrination worldwide (a matter which I will deal in a separate article at a later date), the unusual beaching of whales in freshwater, and the never-ending greed of the filthy rich all indicative of the second coming of Jesus Christ?

Empiricum said...

Talking about numerology, notice the time stamp of my response to "anonymous." It's 11:11 !!! Is that a coincidence?

Empiricum said...

To make my topic of discussion even more serious, the reader may want to read The Nostradamus Code: World War III. Here's the URL link:

Speaking of Michel Notredame, known as Nostradamus, could it be that Edgar Cayce his reincarnate... in you believe in reincarnation? Aside from their being clairvoyant and prolific writers, they were both faith healers. Edgar Cayce died in January, 1945. Who could be his own reincarnate?!

Empiricum said...


Preemptive RESPONSE to Bush's photo-op "Address":

Short version: Construe everything he says in the reverse context.

Shorter version: MORE OF THE SAME.

(A longer version will follow which will discuss the true State of the World of Bush.)

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