Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Body of Evidence (Part II) - Empiricum


Those were probably the very first words Natalee Holloway heard from an Aruban when she and her class graduating friends landed in that little paradise island. Regrettably, she was not able to leave Aruba to tell her own story in her own words. Or did she?

The Natalee Holloway and George Smith IV cases have so many similarites bonded by one common element: no corpus delicti, as the term is loosely used. But there may be one astounding difference: Natalee might be alive ! Let's examine the "facts" as we know it through the media.

Aruba is a tropical island the size of the state of New Jersey. It is, indeed,
One Happy Island in the Caribbean. Aruba, like the rest of the caribbean islands, is noted for its crystal clear turquiose waters and pure white sandy beaches. This is significant in our mental search for Natalee as one of the "theories" advanced by the pundits is that she is probably dead and anchored in the surrounding waters of Aruba. I find that a very unlikely scenario. Like the Grand Cayman islands, Aruba is a scuba diver's paradise. Also, since May last year, Aruba has been hit several times by hurricanes that churned the ocean floor in that area so much so that if Natalee was anchored beneath she could have resurfaced. Besides, the immediately surrounding beach areas was searched by the Equusearch team from Texas with no positive results.

Another "area of interest" is the dunes. Again, I find this scenario as unlikely as dunes shift and "whirl" through natural forces which make it a very unlikely place to bury and hide a human body.

The other scenario given by the pundits is the "garbage dump" scenario. Again, I find that yet another unlikely scenario. If, indeed, Van Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers are the only suspects, I do not think that they are the types who can stomach the stench of that area.

So what may have happened?

Reconstructing the "facts" from what we have learned from the media from the moment Natalee and her friends were in "Carlos 'N' Charlie's" restaurant and bar onto the beach and the boat ride, there is a strong psychic feeling in me that she was transferred to another boat and shipped out in the wee hours of dawn to ... perhaps Venezuela where Hugo Chavez rules ... or even Costa Rica which has no extradition treaty with the United States !!!

Regrettably, Natalee and her wonderful parents and families and friends are receiving a dutch treat in this case.

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empiricum said...

You are a true two-legged gentleman, Any Donkey. But there is no need to apologize, really. Your faithful readers and I truly understand that professional duties come first... after familial / domestic, of course.

Empiricum said...

The REVELATION is coming.
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