Tuesday, January 03, 2006

AMD licenses Rambus technology (Updated)

Rambus announced that it has signed a five year license agreement with Advanced Micro Devices. According to the press release, RMBS will receive $75M and AMD will receive a license to RMBS patents "used in the design of DDR2, DDR3, FB-DIMM, PCI Express and XDR controllers." AMD will also have access to "other current and future high-speed memory and logic controllers." Not included in the license agreement is RMBS memory IP.

Read the press release at Rambus linked here.

Reuters reports:

The licensing deal with AMD is a sign that Rambus is moving on, generating significant revenue from patents not related to those lawsuits, (A.G. Edwards analyst Gary) Mobley said.

"It is validation that Rambus is a lot more than just a plaintiff in six memory cases," Mobley said. "They do have a business foundation."

Read the Reuters article linked here.

In an early article, Extreme Tech stated that AMD had licensed XDR. This is not correct and Extreme Tech has revised its article.

Read the Extreme Tech article which quotes an e-mail from Ms. Ashmore, Rambus PR, linked here.

Updated: (06/01/03)

Forbes reports:

"This could shift the entire memory industry to [Rambus'] roadmap," says Michael Cohen, director of research with Pacific American Securities. "This changes the dynamics of the potential adoption of XDR memory," Cohen says.

Read the Forbes article linked here.


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