Monday, January 09, 2006

Adult industry drives innovation (Update)

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week shared the town with the Adult Video News' annual Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE). It seems inappropriate to write that CES and AEE were in bed together, but it is a fact that the adult entertainment industry does some driving of the technology innovation - at least from the back seat.

Money, money, money. Adult Video News estimates that consumers spent $12.6 billion on adult entertainment in 2005 with $4.3 billion in adult video rentals, $2.5 billion in internet sales and $2.0 billion at dance clubs.

High Definition (HD) movie production. Lurid Entertainment, winner of the 2005 Best HD production, shoots all its production in the 1080-interlace mode, and releases in both 780-progressive and standard versions. On-line only content and adult content only set top boxes. Interactive content and remotely controlled toys.

Read a Reuters are article here and another one at by Bob Gerson here.

Update: Due to expressed reader concern about the topic, Any Donkey has removed a couple links within the post. Thank you for reading. Any Donkey.

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