Friday, December 09, 2005

Snowboarder jargon busting

I came across a blog with pictures of Whistler, British Columbia in the snow. Haven't been to Canada since Grandma passed away five years ago, God rest her soul . . . but miss the place, eh? Andy, the blogger, has collected a number of snowboarder terms. Here are a few - follow the link to more terms and some beautiful photographs. Pictures are linked within various posts.

Artic cougar - an old lady who goes for really young guys on the slopes or in the lodge.

Biff - A really bad wipe out.

Betty - a girl who can't ride (a poser who is a girl). Characteristics include a Roxy snowboard, sideslipping through the park, flirting, being loud and obnoxious and wearing matching Burberry jacket, pants, hat etc.

Blasted a dookie - seeing someone fall really hard when you're riding the lift. "That kid blasted a dookie".

Bleah - insane air.

Fancy pants - some old fart of a 2-planker that's wearing snowgear from the 80s.

Fly-swatter - When you catch an edge and fall forward suddenly often resulting in whiplash.

Fraggle - an accident involving two boarders.

Gaffer - a skier or tourist in the way with no business on the mountain.

Gnarly - wicked, awesome, cool.

AndyintheAmericas: Snowboarder jargon busting

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