Sunday, December 04, 2005

Rambus traders confused?

Rambus is misunderstood. For years, it was been reported that Rambus is a manufacturer. Never could figure out where the fab was located.

Last week, The Motley Fool reported "So far, Rambus has been awarded $645 million since it filed suit in August 2000 . . . " A quick check of Rambus's financial statements would have revealed that was not true. A very quick review of the Samsung plea agreement would have revealed that Rambus will not be receiving the $300 million that Samsung will be coughing up.

On December 2, 2005, reported the following:

In a case more closelyl (sic) tied to Thursday's events, Rambus is also involved in a separate antitrust suit against Hynix, as well as Samsung and Micron (MU:NYSE - commentary - research - Cramer's Take), in San Francisco district court. That case is based in part on the price-fixing allegations involved in the government's criminal investigation of the memory makers. But the distinction between the two cases may have been lost on some traders.

Yes, the traders are confused and that is not surprising based upon what the media is "reporting" . . . and that anti-trust case, well, it is in the California Superior Court in San Francisco - not the district court.



Both WD40 and Alexei should join the Pentagon, become part of the Bush / Rumsfeld propaganda machine and do their reporting in and for Iraq. Subscription websites should be held to the highest standard of reporting. Too bad Patrick Fitzgerald's mandate is limited to the CIA leak.


WD40, Alexei and their ilk must be made aware that they must sanitize their thoughts before they enter the House of Rambus. Otherwise, they all will be ushered directly into Treowth's laundry room to be washed, rinsed and dried in full cycle. Then they will be required to see Jester, the Keeper of the Seal, who will register them into a class where Rambus 101 is taught. Warning: drop out rate in this class is known to be extremely high!

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